356 Classic Werkzeugtasche Porsche Carrera Vergrößern

356 Classic Werkzeugtasche Porsche Carrera



Porsche Classic Tool Bag; suitable for all Porsche 356 A / B / C Carrera model years 1955 to 1965.

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Porsche Classic Tool Bag; Suitable for all Porsche 356 A / B / C Carrera model years 1955 to 1965.


5x double open-end wrench (each 1x 8x9, 10x11, 12x13, 14x15 and 17x19),
1x wheel nut wrench,
2x stopping tools V-belt,
1x combi pliers,
1x screwdriver,
1x Phillips screwdriver,
1x wheel cover extractor,
1x socket wrench,
1x spark plug wrench,
1x Allen key,
1x ratchet for spark plug change,
1x hand screwdriver,
1x brush,
1x feeler gauge,
1x wheel nut,
1x narrow V-belt,
2x spark plug blank,
1x cleaning cloth.

While the original was once made of faux leather, the new edition of the tool bag for the 356 Carrera impresses with a shell made of extremely high-quality leather. Like the tool bag of the other 356 models, this version also has brown leather straps that close the bag. The Carrera engine has dual ignition - so it has two spark plugs per cylinder. For this reason, the developers of the new tool bag have also provided two slots for spark plugs. The tool bag is also not only intended for the 356 Carrera, but for all models that were powered by the so-called Fuhrmann engine. So also for the racing cars 550 Spyder, 718 or 904. All tools were made according to original drawings from the original supplier.



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