986 - 987 - 996 Porsche 3.4 auf 3.7 liter upgrade Motorblock Vergrößern

986 - 987 - 996 Porsche 3.4 auf 3.7 liter upgrade Motorblock

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3.4 - 3.7 liter upgrade for 986 - 987 - 996 Cayman water boxer engines rebuilt with new Mahle forged pistons and new Albert Motorsport graphite cylinders

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6 950,00 €

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This offer includes the following works and articles:

  • Inspect supplied AT engine block for cracking and minimum required hardness
  • Clamp the engine block onto the CNC milling machine and completely remove the cast-in cylinder
  • Spindle the engine block completely and turn it up to install newly 3.7 liter nodular graphite cylinders
  • Clean supplied pistons - check - finish and coat with graphite for assembly
  • Make and deliver special hardened 3.7 liter piston rings.
  • Precise alignment of the entire later sealing surface and surface grinding for assembly
  • Subsequent quality control of all components

HERE is a short info about the repair of our engine blocks   



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