Cayman GT4 door carbon with frame Porsche Expand

Cayman GT4 door carbon with frame Porsche


Carbontür lightweight door for Porsche Cayman racing cars in perfect quality at a fair price

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  • right
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1 600,00 €

  VAT non refundable! Differential taxation according to § 25a UStG

Lightweight conversion for Porsche Cayman:

Door right (CFK): 1500, - Euro net

Door Llinks (CFK): 1500, - Euro net

Door window right (Plexi): 175, -Euro net

Door window left (Plexi): 175, -Euro net


Door glass right with sliding window (plexi): 395, - Euro net

Door window left with sliding window (Plexi): 395, -Euro net

Rear right (Plexi): 115, - Euro net

Rear left (Plexi): 115, - Euro net

Frame right rear window (GRP): 175, -Euro net

Frame left rear window (GRP): 175, - Euro net

Tailgate (CFK): 1200, - Euro net

Rear window (plexi): 425, -Euro net

Prices excl. VAT Delivery time 3-4 weeks



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