Cayman GT4 Carbon Haube hinten Porsche Leichtbausatz Vergrößern

Cayman GT4 Carbon hood rear Porsche lightweight kit


Cayman GT4 rear bonnet Lightweight Boot lid for Porsche racing cars in perfect quality at a fair price

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  • Article without assembly
  • With assembly and painting

1 200,00 €

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Lightweight conversion for Porsche Cayman:

Door right (CFK): 1500, - Euro net

Door Llinks (CFK): 1500, - Euro net

Door window right (Plexi): 175, -Euro net

Door window left (Plexi): 175, -Euro net


Door glass right with sliding window (plexi): 395, - Euro net

Door window left with sliding window (Plexi): 395, -Euro net

Rear right (Plexi): 115, - Euro net

Rear left (Plexi): 115, - Euro net

Frame right rear window (GRP): 175, -Euro net

Frame left rear window (GRP): 175, - Euro net

Tailgate (CFK): 1200, - Euro net

Rear window (plexi): 425, -Euro net

Prices excl. VAT Delivery time 3-4 weeks



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