Reduzierter Preis ! 981 RSR Bodykit Carbon für Porsche Cayman Vergrößern

981 RSR Bodykit Carbon for Porsche Cayman



Carbon Bodykit for Porsche 981 Cayman and GT4 Racecars  

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When ordering a complete kit, we deliver at the special price specified here.

The complete kit consists of the following components:

Item number:Description:Material:Net price:
AM81RSR100Front bumperCarbon1.500,-
AM81RSR101Front splitterCarbon1.900,-
AM81RSR102Right Front Bumper holderEdelstahl250,-
AM81RSR103Left Front Bumper holderEdelstahl250,-
AM81RSR104Right Front LipPertinax155,-
AM81RSR105Middle Front LipPertinax145,-
AM81RSR106Left Front lipPertinax155,-
AM81RSR107Abtriebsecke RechtsCarbon125,-
AM81RSR108Abtriebsecke LinksCarbon125,-
AM81RSR111Front widening rightGFK225,-
AM81RSR112Front widening leftGFK225,-
AM81RSR113Radlaufguerney RightCarbon55,-
AM81RSR114Radlaufguerney LeftCarbon55,-
AM81RSR115Right fender flaresGFK350,-
AM81RSR116Left fender flaresGFK350,-
AM81RSR117Right side skirtsCarbon1.500,-
AM81RSR118Leftt side skirtsCarbon1.500,-
AM81RSR119Widening rear rightCarbon950,-
AM81RSR120Widening rear leftCarbon950,-
AM81RSR121Wheel housing liner, rear axle, front rightKevlar400,-
AM81RSR122Wheel housing liner, rear axle, front leftKevlar400,-
AM81RSR123Right rear wheel arch linerKevlar450,-
AM81RSR124Left rear wheel arch linerKevlar450,-
AM81RSR130Rear BumperCarbon1.700,-
AM81RSR131Ventilation rib, rear bumper, rightCarbon450,-
AM81RSR132Ventilation rib, rear bumper, leftCarbon450,-
AM81RSR141Diffusor Finne outer rightGFK170,-
AM81RSR142Diffusor Finne outer leftGFK170,-
AM81RSR143Diffusor Finne innen RechtsGFK170,-
AM81RSR144Diffusor Finne innen LinksGFK170,-
AM81RSR145complete set Diffusor FinsGFK600,-
AM81RSR146Schleifklotz Diffusor außen RechtsPertinax55,-
AM81RSR147Schleifklotz Diffusor außen LinksPertinax55,-
AM81RSR148Schleifklotz Diffusor innen RechtsPertinax55,-
AM81RSR149Schleifklotz Diffusor innen LinksPertinax55,-
AM81RSR160Door RightCarbon1.500,-
AM81RSR161Door LeftCarbon1.500,-
AM81RSR162Door Screen rightPlexiglas175,-
AM81RSR163Door Screen LeftPlexiglas175,-
AM81RSR163aTürfenster Rechts mit SchiebefensterPlexiglas395,-
AM81RSR163bTürfenster Links mit SchiebefensterPlexiglas395,-
AM81RSR164Nachrüst-Schiebefenster RechtsPlexiglas220,-
AM81RSR165Nachrüst-Schiebefenster LinksPlexiglas220,-
AM81RSR166Rear ScreenPlexiglas425,-
AM81RSR167Fondfenster RechtsPlexiglas115,-
AM81RSR168Fondfenster LinksPlexiglas115,-
AM81RSR169Aufstellrahmen für Fondfenster RechtsGFK175,-
AM81RSR170Aufstellrahmen für Fondfenster LinksGFK175,-
AM81RSR171Rear Spoiler GT4 LookCarbon1.500,-
Sum of all componentsNET:23.965,00
VAT / Germany19%4553,35
Total of all components including VAT
from Albert Motorsport Oberhausen.

The price specified here decreases after certain disc constellations have been omitted.
Therefore we can offer you a more complete one for a complete kit, depending on the 
request of the panes offer at a price of: 27,000 euros.



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