991 GT3 Cup Rennauspuff zur Adaption an Porsche Serienkrümmer Vergrößern

991 GT3 Cup racing exhaust for adaptation to Porsche production manifold


Porsche 991 GT3 Cup Racing Exhaust, with sport catalytic converters and with connection to the original 991 Cup production manifold plus 2 pipes for short connection

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These systems are designed to dramatically reduce the noise of the 991 GT3 Cup race cars.
The noise level of this system is directly behind the silencer at below 98 dBa.
Depending on the measurement method (for example in Zandvoort), only 91.5 dBa are measured on our vehicles.
This can not be guaranteed on our part. This system is plus 2 pipes for short connection ( loud ) 

991.1 GT3 Cup


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