Cayenne - Panamera Porsche 8 cylinder engine block in exchange

Cayenne - Panamera engine conversion on graphite cylinder for Porsche

Porsche Cayenne and Panamera engine block, a solid engine with graphite cylinders instead of the Porsche 8 cylinder engines made of aluminum.      

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Our new repair concept for the Porsche Cayenne and Panamera 8 - cylinder engines is ready for use!
The first newly built engines run as perfectly as planned!

With the repair of the Porsche 911 - 996 - 997 Carrera engines we have been a great success for years.
In the Cayenne and Panamera, too, we now rely on solid graphite cylinder technology.

To do this, we remove the labile aluminum series cylinders from the block. Solid cylinders of graphite, 5 x so
Hard as the serial parts of aluminum are installed.
The standard pistons, if still in order, are processed and re-used.

Our high-strength cylinders with emergency running characteristics are designed for a long motor life.

No coating, no lightweight construction, no aluminum. Finally stable and long-lasting technology, fully
gas-proof as it should be.

You supply us your defective engine block,
We supply the modified hardware back!

We get from you on pallet:

1 x defective engine block
8 x piston
8 x connecting rod

We deliver to you on pallet:

1 x engine block on graphite cylinder rebuilt
8 x modified and graphite coated pistons
8 x piston ring set made of high-strength steel
8 x overhaul rods with new stud bearings

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