996 GT2 - GT3 - 997 GT2 - GT3 Upgrade Kit for sequence shifting

996 GT2 - GT3 Upgrade Kit for sequenciell shifting

Upgrade kit for 996 GT2 - GT3 - and 997 GT2 - GT3 road gear on sequence shift with straight cutted gears  

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This Gearboxkit was developed for a Porsche 996 GT2 - GT3 - 997 GT2 - GT3 rebuild transmission to a sequentially shifted
transmission. The gears are manufactured upon request and by specifying the ratios of you for your gear.

The Gearboxkit can also be combined with a paddle shift system to give you ultra-fast switching times. Attention, this kit
is not approved for the road, but is designed solely for racing and performance.

Consequently, the largest in this article the warranty and guarantee, because such racing components in no way have the
service life of series components !!  

The Gearboxkit is developed for torques up to 800 Nm (600 Lbs) to be permanently stable.     

The upgrade kit includes:
- 6 x forward gears by specifying the translations
- Shift forks and linkage
- Gear sensor showing the switched Ganges
- Other components
- see figure of the sentence  

This item / conversion kit is a production part, which specially for you is manufactured and can not be returned or exchanged!  

For inquiries, please contacts us at: albert@albert-motorsport.de 

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