911 - 964 - 968 - 993 - 996 slip differential ( Dynamic Lock)

911 - 964 - 968 - 993 - 996 slip differential ( Dynamic Lock)

Limited slip differential for Porsche 911-930 - 964 - 968 - 993-996 gear    

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Dynamic locking differential with very good traction properties for Porsche G50 gearbox, ideal for the active
Porsche Motorsport (Cross for Porsche rally cars) suitable.  

In these cases, no plate packs have vorhenden but gearsets, therefore no wear of the lamella systems is possible.  

However, for top drivers, we recommend locking differentials with adjustable train - and pressure levels. Because
hereby bring better lap times.   Attention ! The installation of the differential lock should only be self-made, if the
calibrations of the plate are capable of - and bevel gear make itself. Otherwise it is recommended that you have
them installed in our house. In the offer you can find the appropriate cost option for it.   

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