911 Carrera 3,2 Liter Standard Austauschmotor AT Motor

911 Carrera 3,2 Liter Standard Exchange Motor Engine

Rebuilt Porsche 911 Carrera 3,2 l. Standard replacement engine AT - engine according to RAL product guideline, 12 months warranty without Km limitation!   

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Porsche 911 G model 3.0 - 3.2 liter - Carrera engine overhaul

All of our overhauled Porsche AT engines, have been used for decades by us according to the RAL goods directive,
In our certified car master shop in the following equipment, delivered from Oberhausen / Rhld:
Included in the AT - engine price is:
  • All engine parts are blasted with glass beads
  • All metal parts were blasted and powdercoated
  • The alternator is cpl. Overtaken as AT - Lima delivered
  • The impeller is powdercoated
  • AT distributor, cap renewed, finger renewed

    Our technicians and car masters perform the following work on the AT engines,
    see the following options what you get from us:

911 Carrera 3.0 - 3.2 liter Replacement Engine:


Component:Work done:Standart-
Engine BlockCleaned, dismantled, measured, bead blasted, bolt if necessary renewed, Heli coil inserts mounted as needed and bearing coils, spray oil cooling checked, if necessary renewed.gru%CC%88ner-haken.png
CrankshaftCleaned, measured, polished, if necessary ground and, if necessary, fine-balancedgru%CC%88ner-haken.png
Oil pumpCleaned, sighted, measured, if necessary renewedgru%CC%88ner-haken.png
ConrodsCleaned, measured, angled, bearing reworked, rod ends re-stored and rubbedgru%CC%88ner-haken.png
CylinderCleaned, in case of dimensional stability, otherwise bounced on excess or renewedgru%CC%88ner-haken.png
PistonsCleaned, used for dimensional accuracy, otherwise with excess piston, renewed. Alternative piston with cylinders renewedgru%CC%88ner-haken.png
PistonringsPiston rings renewedgru%CC%88ner-haken.png
BearingsAll bearings are renewedgru%CC%88ner-haken.png
Control chainsControl chains renewedgru%CC%88ner-haken.png
Chain guidesrenewedgru%CC%88ner-haken.png
Chain boxesCleaned, glass ball blasted, plan surfaces reworkedgru%CC%88ner-haken.png
Chain tensionersCleaned, checked, defective was renewedgru%CC%88ner-haken.png
Intermediate shaftCleaned, measured, if necessary renewedgru%CC%88ner-haken.png
Gears Intermediate Shaft

Cleaned, measured, if necessary together with the Crankshaft gear wheel renewed

GasketsAll gaskets renewedgru%CC%88ner-haken.png
Simmering ringsAll Simmering rings renewedgru%CC%88ner-haken.png
CylinderheadsCleaned, glass ball - blasted, all guides are vented, all V - seats are adjusted and all angles are ground, valves are ground, cylinder seat is measured, if necessary replantedgru%CC%88ner-haken.png
ValvesCleaned, measured, valve seat, angle regrinding, valve seat grinding in the cylinder head, valves highly polishedgru%CC%88ner-haken.png
Valve CoverValve cover planned, if necessary black powderedgru%CC%88ner-haken.png
Rocker ArmsCleaned, tested, stock renewed and reregistered, renewed in case of wear on the bearing surfacegru%CC%88ner-haken.png
Rocker leversCleaned, measured, if necessary renewedgru%CC%88ner-haken.png
CamshaftsCleaned, measured, if necessary regrinded or renewedgru%CC%88ner-haken.png
Chain wheelsCleaned, measured, if necessary renewedgru%CC%88ner-haken.png
SrewsAll screws from the periphery are renewedgru%CC%88ner-haken.png
NutsAll nuts are renewedgru%CC%88ner-haken.png
HoldersAll nuts are renewedgru%CC%88ner-haken.png
sheet metal partsAll glass ball blasted and black or powder coated in a color as desiredgru%CC%88ner-haken.png
AlternatorExchange - alternatorgru%CC%88ner-haken.png
DistributorExchange Distributor mountedgru%CC%88ner-haken.png
Air filterNewgru%CC%88ner-haken.png
Fan beltNewgru%CC%88ner-haken.png
Spark plugsNewgru%CC%88ner-haken.png
Candle plugsChecked, if necessary renewedgru%CC%88ner-haken.png
Injection nozzlesCleaned, sprayed surface checked, if necessary renewedgru%CC%88ner-haken.png
Injection linesCleaned, tested, if necessary galvanized or renewedgru%CC%88ner-haken.png
Motor wiring harnessCleaned, measured, repaired, if necessary renewedgru%CC%88ner-haken.png
Cable connectorCleaned, plug-in sleeves post-soldered, if necessary renewedgru%CC%88ner-haken.png

For further information please contact Mr. Albert by email at: albert@albert-motorsport.de  

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