997 Carrera 1 X - Pipe mit Sportkats

997 Carrera 1 X - Pipe mit Sportkats

X - Pipe Exhaust System for Porsche 997.1 Carrera in Stainless steel

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These 200 Cell catalytic converters pass MOT, are an effective, 100% stainless steel replacement or upgrade part.
These are a unique X-Pipe design optimised for sound and power, with power gains of +12 to +15BHP. They do not
require any ECU remapping and original lambda sensors can be used from OE part, however performance re maps
are available at a discount price when purchasing the product- contact us for details.

It is recommended to re map the ECU for significant performance gains to fully utilise the power of the cats and engine,
but the part will fit perfectly and enhance the vehicle's performance without such a map. The X-Pipe design produces
a higher pitched racing sound than straight sports cats which are not linked. The pipe diameter is 54MM, same as OE.

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